One app for your team’s productivity & performance

One app for your team’s productivity & performance

All your work in one app: OKRs, KPIs, Tasks, Projects & more

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Based on reviews
Based on reviews
Trusted by 1000+ Organizations in 90+ Countries
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Grow Your Business & Improve Your Team’s Engagement

FlowyTeam empowers managers and your team members to make smarter & faster decisions in this agile business world via OKRs, KPIs, 360˚ Review, Check-in, 1-on-1, and effective Performance & Productivity Software; your team members will love.

Track the Progress & Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Flowyteam provides a one-stop centre to track and improve your team’s productivity via Task & Project Management, Attendance & Time-log, Client & Lead Management and an effective productivity software your team needs.

Make Your Organization Paperless and More Efficient

Experience our easy-to-use form & survey builder to collect data and generate reports.

Created for High Performing Teams

  • Lead Tracking
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Realtime Reports
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Budget Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving via Ticketing
  • Action Plan via Kanban
  • Task & Project Management
  • Key Metrics Tracking
  • Collecting Client Data via Form Builder
  • Data Integration via Google Analytics & Zapier
  • Document Management
  • 360° Review
  • Performance & Reward System
  • Problem Solving via Ticketing
  • Task Management
  • Backlog via Kanban

Unlock Your Teams’ Full & True Potential with FlowyTeam

A comprehensive & easy to use Performance Performance & Productivity Software that answers all Business Owners’, CEOs’ & Managers’, Employees’ questions practically & engagingly.

Task Management
Project Management
Leads & Clients
Forms & Surveys
Employee Rewards
Check-in, 360˚ Review & 1-on-1
Attendance, Holiday & Leave
Learning Hub
Support Ticketing
Notice Board
Dynamic Reports
Integrate with your favorite app
Trusted by 1000+ Organizations in 90+ Countries
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FlowyTeam has the highest rated support on G2 in Performance & Productivity Software. We help you 24 hours, every day including holidays.

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