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About Us

Your Team Performance & Productivity is Our Passion.

As a business owner, we’re passionate about building a high-performance team. We came together to solve common pain-points of most businesses.

  • How do I increase my workforce motivation and engagement, even while working remotely?
  • How do I empower my employees to unleash their full potential?
  • How do I build a sustainable Performance Culture for company growth and personal self-development for all team members?
  • How do I ensure to provide a system to make smarter & faster business decisions in this agile business world?

FlowyTeam is to solve these business pain points

A comprehensive and very user-friendly performance management system that answers all of the above questions practically and engagingly. FlowyTeam hopes to support your business to grow further and achieve its full potential with sustainable and an effective high-performing team.

The key to being part of a High-Performance Culture is enjoying your work and integral to that is the engaging, supportive, and empowering environment provided by the management team of companies. Harvard Business Review has outlined that over 90% of the workforce needs clear direction and goals for them to perform.

Very few things are certain, yet we know a few things for sure in business:

  • We, as business leaders have to provide the highest degree of certainty and clarity to our teams.
  • We have to manage performance in an inspirational and empowering way to remain relevant.
  • We have to build a sustainable team with a High-Performance Culture to weather any uncertainty in business.

We invite you to explore FlowyTeam, the solution that answers your questions about how to build a high performing team for your business.

Our Team


Founder Story

The Founders of FlowyTeam – Dirk and Akmal – have known each other since 2016 and worked on several IT projects together.

In 2019 they met for a coffee and discussed the pain of a business owner to digitalize business and performance processes in an easy and cost effective way.

Akmal and Dirk shared the same passion for OKRs and productivity tools but couldn’t find any suitable software in the market that empowers business owners and teams to focus on what matters and make faster and better business decisions in this agile business world.

They toyed with the idea to start a SaaS to provide the opportunity for companies to create high performing teams in a sustainable way. Beginning of 2020 FlowyTeam was born and since then over 1000 organizations in over 90 countries countries have onboarded.

Yours in Performance,