“FlowyTeam empowers managers & employees to make smarter & faster decisions in this agile business world via effective & agile strategy goal setting (OKRs), performance tracking (KPIs & Leads) and real-time performance reports.”

Goal Setting with OKR

Employees need clear goals and guidance to be able to deliver success. OKRs are the modern approaches to allow the business to achieve that. FlowyTeam helps you to set clear company objectives and link personal and team key results to the objectives of your business.

This is done in an empowering, interactive, and engaging way to ensure the buy-ins and participation of your employees and teams.

Performance Tracking with KPI

Create your own KPI Dashboards to monitor in real time the most important numbers for your business.

An easy to interpret reporting system is available at the touch of a button. Real-time reporting mechanisms empowers a manager to assess personal and team performance immediately.

Comparative reporting empowers you to get an overview of company, team, and individual performance that fosters clarity on future strategies.

Team Engagement and 360° Review

Empowering and constructive feedback is an integral part of uplifting individual and team performance. Our weekly check-in & 1-on-1 system and the 360˚review enables each employee with a great degree of simplicity and clarity on what they should:

  • Continue doing
  • Start doing
  • Stop doing

Employee Rewards

Drive a winning culture while motivating your team. When it comes to sustainable performance, it is essential to link personal or team performance to rewards.

The FlowyTeam reward system allows for personalized rewards. When effectively utilized, employee rewards are essential drivers to employee motivation and inspiration.