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FlowyTeam empowers you to easy performance tracking, engaging & motivating employees, enabling fast personal & company growth.

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Here's What Others Are Saying About FlowyTeam

"Just Amazing!" - Kevin Wong, Director Powerwoosh

FlowyTeam helps our organization to increase our staff performance in the most effective way!

"I’m So Glad" - Jinie Kamal, CEO Impulse Studio

Now we can track our employee performance in real time and intervene when needed.

"Very Good" - Dennix Yeow, CEO Search Music

Bringing in a Performance Culture was my first priority. I could increase staff engagement and motivation via FlowyTeam.

"We’re Impressed" - Antje-Ann Sturm, CEO 9Beaufort

After applying the performance management tool we could engage our employees in a much better way, specially during this tough time when everyone has been working from home.

Improve Your Financial Results via:

  • KPIs: real-time team & employee performance tracking
  • OKRs: effective strategy execution
  • Reports: a click of a button to generate reports easily
  • Engagement: 360° review and regular check-in
  • Motivation: employee rewards
  • Efficiency: attendance & timelog

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